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Welcome to Anny Massage Therapie I am professional therapists who guarantee a unique and beneficial experience for your health. I offer exclusive services of massages, physical therapies and personalized exercise. 

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What is this program about?

Establish a work out regime along with a nutrition plan. 

Determine the client’s goals that can be achieved with the help of the program. 

Set a schedule, frequency of workouts and place where workouts will take place. 

Periodically execute and evaluate training plan as well as the completion of the set goals.

Harmony with your body 

Are you worried about excess weight? Are you stressed? Or have you noticed you are growing old too quickly? Don’t wait any longer and participate in my New Program: “IN HARMONY WITH YOUR BODY”, I will work along with you to solve these problems.


Here you can find all the massage services we offer. In Any Healthcare we have a wide variety of massages that will make you feel completely rehabilitated, we care about your health and your well being.

Back massage

The back is one of the parts of our body that accumulates more tension due to bad posture and daily stress. In natura you can enjoy a massage 100% studied to relieve all the muscles of the back, from the cervical to the lumbar, giving you a feeling of immediate relief.

Facial Massage

It helps to relax the body and mind, so it is indicated to treat cases of stress and anxiety. It is also a way to improve mood.
It contributes to improve the muscular toning of the face.

Swedish Massage

This gentle massage technique promotes general relaxation and promotes circulation. The five basic strokes associated with Swedish massage (effleurage, petrissage, tapotement, friction, and vibration) have been shown to improve circulation and blood pressure

Massage Therapy and Fibromyalgia

Of all the alternative therapies available, more and more research is showing that massage therapy provides real benefits to people dealing with a number of health conditions, including fibromyalgia. A study in 2011 showed that massage therapy caused reductions in sensitivity to pain at tender points in patients with FM, as well as lowering anxiety levels and increasing quality of sleep. Another study from 2014, which systematically reviewed nine other studies about massage therapy and FM, found that massage therapy had immediate beneficial effects on improving pain, anxiety and depression in patients with FM.

Trigger Point Massage

Trigger point treatment focuses on the stretching and loosening of trigger points within hardened myofascial muscle strands, as well as the associated increased blood flow to the triggered muscular-fascial tissue. Through the local stimulation of the hardened and tensed tissue nodules, and the subsequent release of the pressure, there first occurs an under-supply and then an over-supply of oxygen to the triggered muscle tissue

Lymphactic Massage

Manual lymphatic drainage is a massage therapy technique that consists of applying soft massages on different areas of the body with the objective of improving the circulation of lymph and the lymphatic system. The function of this technique is to improve the automatic contraction of the lymphatic vessels, helping to eliminate edemas and other alterations derived from poor lymph circulation.

Sports Massage

Sports massage is focused and systematic, targeting muscles that are used in a specific sport. It uses various techniques to decrease muscle pain and improve recovery, as well as improve overall range of motion and flexibility to support safe and effective movement.

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